Blog this Jog

Since our oldest daughter is getting married in October, I only have so many months to try to lose some of my belly Buda weight.

My belly (or Buddha as I call it) became even more noticeable to me this past weekend when I realized that I was using it to prop records against it at a music store. Even worse, I found myself resting my coffee mug on my Buddha while watching the Sunday morning news. Am I becoming that guy?

Last night I FINALLY suited up in my running clothes and shoes (that I bought last December) and decided it was time to hit the pavement for a good little run.

I started off with a jog (I wasn’t really going to run, that shit hurts) and I made it a couple block…before deciding it was time to take a break and walk about half a block before starting up again. I then made it three more blocks and took another walking break before jogging another two blocks and reaching my “away from home” goal. Did I mention it was uphill…slightly!

The jog back home wasn’t as bad since it was downhill and I was starting to get lose, but my lungs and legs were totally out of shape and pissed off at me. I know I could’ve gone farther if I just could have kept breathing! But I was glad to have done what I did anyway.

Now, back to my coffee and cookies. I have a BIG day ahead of me!



Happy Abe Day

I’m posting this much later than I planned, but better late than never!

Put on your stovepipe hat and beard and celebrate the birthday remembrance of our 16th president! Today is the day that Abraham Lincoln would have turned 208.

I’ve become a big Abe buff over the past few years, learning more about him and the American Civil War. What Lincoln went through to save the Union of the country and eventually free the slaves was tremendous. There was a tremendous loss of lives, tremendous amount of stress, and tremendous sadness at the closure of the war – Abe’s death. We are still here as ONE country, even with all of our differences, because of his determination and forethought in keeping the states together.

And, within the year, my Honest Abe’s Activity Book should be available to purchase and enjoy. It is a 32-page book of puzzles, games, coloring pages, and more…

Here’s looking to you, Lincoln!

Birthday Boy

This coming Sunday, February 12th, is the birthdate of our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. In preparation for his birthday celebration (I’ll be wearing my Lincoln shirt that day) I have posted a photo of his statue at the Lincoln Memorial. I will have plenty more to say about the birthday boy over the next couple of days.

Strung out


Okay, so I was being a little shit earlier with my VERY short blog. I actually have more to say.

I bought this “new” used acoustic guitar last weekend (it’s a beauty) and I’ve been spending the evenings this week trying to refresh my mind and fingers on the different chords. It’s coming back pretty well. I still know the chords that I’ve always been able to play and I still don’t know how to play all the other ones. Dammit! But, I feel like that’s going to change. I am determined to push ahead, learn more, practice, and become a better guitarist… and actually ENJOY doing it. I need these outlets to give me some sort of fulfillment and just plain happiness. Ob la di ob la da.