Blog this Jog

Since our oldest daughter is getting married in October, I only have so many months to try to lose some of my belly Buda weight.

My belly (or Buddha as I call it) became even more noticeable to me this past weekend when I realized that I was using it to prop records against it at a music store. Even worse, I found myself resting my coffee mug on my Buddha while watching the Sunday morning news. Am I becoming that guy?

Last night I FINALLY suited up in my running clothes and shoes (that I bought last December) and decided it was time to hit the pavement for a good little run.

I started off with a jog (I wasn’t really going to run, that shit hurts) and I made it a couple block…before deciding it was time to take a break and walk about half a block before starting up again. I then made it three more blocks and took another walking break before jogging another two blocks and reaching my “away from home” goal. Did I mention it was uphill…slightly!

The jog back home wasn’t as bad since it was downhill and I was starting to get lose, but my lungs and legs were totally out of shape and pissed off at me. I know I could’ve gone farther if I just could have kept breathing! But I was glad to have done what I did anyway.

Now, back to my coffee and cookies. I have a BIG day ahead of me!



3 thoughts on “Blog this Jog”

  1. Don’t get mad at me or anything, but…it’s spelled Buddha. 😉

    All the best people have Buddha bellies, including me. Ha! And running? Who likes to run? Crazy people, that’s who. Besides, walking is much better on your joints. (I’m not helping with the running encouragement, am I!)
    I’ve taken up walking on my treadmill while listening to kickass rock music. It helps me work through my aggression. And no running is involved.

  2. Leave it to me! Thanks for your copy-editing skills! I started running on the treadmill a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t like staring at the basement walls. We’ll see how it goes.

    1. Well, you could always put up a picture of your favorite girl celebrity crush on the basement wall instead. haha!

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